Our services

Design and Drawing

The research and choice of materials is an essential step in the manufacturing process.

Our expertise allows us to adapt our techniques to each project. Guiding, testing, innovating, in order to give life to the ideas entrusted to us. We work upstream on production of 3D drawings in order to establish fundamental bases of the project.


The design of the moulds is a meticulous process that requires high precision know-how.

We make the moulds that are used to manufacture parts and components. From the one-hundredth of a millimeter to the micron, we offer the most suitable solutions. Thanks to processes adapted to each project, we have made precision our highest quality and our trademark. Each mould is studied, controlled and validated so that the production phase goes perfectly.

Injection and Microinjection

With decades of knowledge in the domain of plastic injection, we produce high-tech parts. We intervene in areas requiring specialized expertise:

  • Mechatronics
  • Microtechnology
  • Aeronautics

The tools we have available allow us to make parts with or without metal inserts, in small or large volumes. We use rigorous working methods that have made Techno Synthetic the microinjection specialist.

Control and Quality

All our projects are delivered accompanied by a complete control report.

Each stage of the manufacturing process is rigorously controlled, then validated using high-precision measuring tools. We want to establish a relationship of trust with all our customers, which is why reliability is our priority.